Liberated Embedded Systems

XMPP server

Group chats

We host an XMPP server for our community, which currently has the following MUCs (group chats):

Free account

If you order from our store, you will get a free XMPP account with your order. Our XMPP server also has federation enabled, allowing you to join our MUCs without purchasing from our store, by getting an account with another provider.

Connecting via TOR

If you wish to connect to our XMPP server via tor, you may do so by configuring your client to use the hidden service below to connect:


Welcome message

Please see below the welcome message displayed in the welcome MUC on our server:

Welcome to our based and redpilled XMPP server (warning: must be agilepilled to
take part).

Now this server is well wicked innit, but there's a couple things you should
know before (fed)posting.

All messages sent to the server will be stored indefinitely, so we encourage
you to ensure you encrypt anything sensitive (such as with OMEMO). We *highly
recommend* encrypting private messages to others, as we have no interest in
your private messages, and the only people who might would be agencies serving
us a warrant, so better off encrypting really.

We discourage sending encrypted messages to MUCs (group chats) because we'd
ideally like the history to be visible to all, and encryption prevents this
(since an encrypted message will not be visible to someone who joined after it
was sent, as it was not encrypted for them). However, this will not be enforced
(or for now anyway).

We support file uploads on this server, each account has a quota of 50MB before
their old files will be deleted to make space for new ones. Also, *all files
will be deleted 30 days after posting*, so make sure to archive them ;)

We won't kick or ban based on political ideology, but posting any of the
following content will have consequences:
* pornography (kick, then ban)
* child pornography (immediate ban)
* gore (kick, then ban)
* spam (kick, then ban)

May your agile sprint be short, and your backlog empty...